Introducing: Promise One

Easy all! Welcome back, happy new year and… Yeah, I know that was time ago, but I’ve been awful getting this thing updated. However, big things are coming, I have a sleeveful of great artists lined up and more frequent updates are on the way! Anyway, enough chat, let’s get on to this guy:

Introducing – Promise One
Promise One

The sound of dubstep has changed a lot in the past few years. Possibly for the worst. Luckily then, this guy is holding tight on the old school vibe. A great mixture of ‘Burial like’ drumbeats and fluid, rolling basslines, all crossed with some haunting synths, make powerful, dynamic music that leaves your mind satisfied. With forthcoming releases on Reboot Records this year, and a fantastic revival of the old school garage/dubstep sound, this guy is one to keep an eye and two ears on!

Here’s what he had to say:

Dubstep Origins: First up, what’s your name, how old are you and where are you based?

Promise One: Easy! I’m Nick, a 24 year old from Yorkshire currently living in North London, making music under the name “Promise One”.

DO: How long have you been producing for, and how would you describe your style?

PO: I’ve been producing for about 6 years and drumming for 10. I used to make instrumental hip hop under the name “Defiant Kinetics”,  now I make more dance floor orientated dubstep / bass music. I guess I’m on the garage/dub influenced vibe as opposed to the harder sounds of the genre. It’s pretty deep and minimal at times, I tend to stay away from big synth melodies. Someone said there are some jungle vibes in there too so it’s a mixture.

DO: Who or what introduced you to dubstep?

PO: I first properly heard it being played in a record shop in Leeds, 2005. It was a small shop with massive speakers in the center and I just thought “what is this?!” I didn’t really know what to think of it, or even what it was, all I knew was it was dark. There was no one else in the shop other than me and my mate Jason, felt pretty surreal at the time. Another friend of mine Jack, played Kode9 and Burial to me in his car and I started to get more interested in the scene after hearing Burial.

DO: Which artists are currently influencing your production?

PO: Lots of producers and genres. I generally take influence from my favorite music as well as where I live and everything around me. Artists like Breakage, the Hessle Audio fam, El B, Scuba, DMZ, DJ Youngsta, Kryptic Minds, Joy Orbison, King Tubby, DJ Krush, Noisia etc.

DO: In your eyes, what is dubstep as a genre?

PO: In its basic essence dubstep to me is drums, bass & space at 140bpm. Anything can be added for extra flavour but the phase “less is more” rings true. It’s a very versatile and open genre and you can dance on the main beat or on the half time. Its does however rely on the strength of sub heavy, quality sound systems so listening on tinny speakers isn’t going to give you any idea of what the music is about. I think some people miss this and miss the sonic experience and power of the music.

DO: What’s on your playlist at the moment?

PO: At the moment in terms of bands; Broken Social Scene’s new album, an old band called Sharks Keep Moving and some of The Police too. Electronic wise, Joy Orbison’s Doldrums mix, James Blake, Ital Tek and Blawan’s Sonic Router mix.

DO: Anything else you’d like to add?

PO: Shouts to Ratchet, Stuntman, Depone, Blawan, Verses, Zey, Huge Public, Sinic, J Jarez, Quark, Fyah Man.

Cheers for the interview!

Great stuff. At the moment his soundcloud only has the two tracks I’m putting up here, but make sure you pay it a visit every now and then to check the next big thing! For those of you with soundcloud, become a follower –
and send some tracks to his group –

Also, make sure you check out his website – for some great instrumental sounds, as well as some great freebies.

Finally, what you really want to hear, some tracks – both coming out soon on Reboot Records!

Promise One – Glyph

Promise One – Dissonance

That’s it for today guys, thanks for dropping by, and return soon, cause I’m gonna be updating much more frequently!
Big Up all!


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