Release: Kochari – The Truth/Deep Water

Bringing you a big new release from an exceptional artist…

This is Kochari – The Truth/ Deep Water – FENTPLATED002

We’ve reviewed both tracks, and even gotten a sneak preview!

More at home in a concert hall than a club, Kochari’s tracks combine a fluent mix of low-key beats with epic orchestral instrumentation.

In The Truth, haunting vocal samples complement what is essentially a dubstep piano ballad, complete with flowing percussion and a killer sub-bass. Don’t miss out on the second drop either!

Deep Water brings chilled vibes, reminiscent of Massive Attack, to the floor. With sweeping pads and a fantastic rimshot click this track is the epitome of easy listening, perfect for lazy afternoon sessions.

Both tracks are excellent examples of Kochari’s work and getting them released is a great achievement, if not a necessary one. Digitally released today on the FentPlates label and available on all good music download sites, this is one to get hold of.

Listen to the two clips here:

And then download it here (or from your preferred website):

I’ve got my copy.


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