Introducing: Grace

Right then, first post and its a good one!

Dubstep Origins brings to you – Grace


Utilising a fantastic combination of syncopated percussion and melodic instrumentation, Grace is equally capable of chilled ambience as he is of raw, stripped down dubstep. Staying well clear of the raucous tones all too common in modern dubstep, Grace is bringing dark but musical beats back to the scene. And it’s working.
We’ve caught up with him for an exclusive interview:

Dubstep Origins: First up, what’s your name, how old are you and where are you based?

Grace: My name is Paolo Rizzo aka Grace. I’m 20 years old and I am based in Kingston, U.K.

DO: How long have you been producing for and how would you describe your style?

G: I’ve been producing for about 9 months or so. My style is still in its developing stages but my music tends to have nice sounds and frequencies in it. I try to produce the stuff that I would enjoy hearing the most myself; music you can close your eyes to and just take it in.

DO: Who or what introduced you to dubstep?

G: I’ve been into liquid drum and bass for a while and I wasn’t really looking for anything new, but a friend of mine showed me a track one night in early 2009, not even a famous one really (Metaphi’s Lloyds Tsb Remix), and the rest is history. It’s close to a perfect genre for my personality in my opinion.

DO: Which artists are currently influencing your production?

G: In dubstep, a whole range really: Mala, Loefah, Joker, Benga, Skream, DJ Madd, Matt-U, Synkro… the list goes on so I’ll stop it there! (laughs). But when I’m not listening to dubstep you’ll probably catch me listening to soundscapes and ambient music, folk, acoustic, metal, electronica, oldschool hip-hop, etc..
I’ve got to feel something with music generally.

DO: In your eyes, what is dubstep as a genre?

G: To me dubstep is like the perfect spokesperson for what electronic music has to offer, it stretches across the whole spectrum of sounds, deep, bright, fast, slow; you can’t put it in a box. But more specifically, it’s all about the bass. Without bass, it’s nothing.

DO: What’s on your playlist at the moment?

G: I’ll pick a few out from a few genres, but it looks like: Laura Marling, The XX, Helios, Vampire Weekend, Tokimonsta, Justice, Band of Horses, Jose Gonzales and a lot of GetDarker podcasts (laughs).

DO: Anything else you’d like to add?

G: The more genres you listen to, the more out of the box your music will be. Using dubstep as an influence, I personally think you should use it as a guide for structure and possibilities. As soon as you start asking “how can I make Chase & Status basslines”, you’re already chipping away at originality.

We’ve got two tracks for you here:

Grace – Grey on a Blue Background

And a brand new one:

Grace – Viral

Good news is, both these tracks and more are all up for FREE download on his soundcloud, check it here

Big ups all.


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